Each design fee includes 1 proof and 1 revision.

Any additional revisions will incur an additional $15 per text or placement revision fee, or a $35 redesign fee.  

**E-blasts requiring custom editing of photos requested by the client, such as removal of backgrounds or editing out elements within the photo may incur an additional charge of $35.

*Please note that e-blast designs are web-ready. Neither their dimension, nor their resolution is suitable for print.  You may have your design specially created in both e-blast and print formats for a total fee of $125.00, but you must specify both formats up front.

PGD sends e-blasts out via a variety of distribution companies, but we strongly recommend Arabian Select for your e-blast design send outs - as well as a variety of other equine-related services.

It is absolutely true that, the better the photo, the more effective the ad. Please provide me with good, clear and hopefully, flattering, images of your horse(s). Video stills and/or blurry images are typically unacceptable for use in the creation of effective advertising.

The whole purpose of advertising is to sell or promote your horse. Less than flattering photos defeat that purpose. I reserve the right to refuse to design an ad using a photo or photos I know will hurt your chances of successfully marketing your horse or business. I don't want to waste your money or my time, and I will tactfully tell you this, should the situation arise. 

I also will not use professional proof stamped photos. Professional photos must bear the signature of the photographer, and if the horse pictured is not yours (as in the case of a reference sire or dam), please be sure to secure the proper permission to use such photos. The unauthorized use of professional photos is a violation of international copyright law, and I will not knowingly break that law.
Choose PGD for e-blast and print ad designs that are beautiful, attention-getting, and original.

BASIC E-Blast Design Fee - $75 per design with unlimited usage. 
BASIC Print Ad Design Fee - $100 per full page with unlimited usage.
BASIC Stallion Card Design, front and back - $150
BASIC Banner Design {Standing Banner) - $200
BASIC Business Card Design - $100
BASIC Logo Design - $350

N A N C Y    P I E R C E    A D    D E S I G N