There has never been a time when I didn't love horses, and early on, Arabian horses became an obsession for me. as thoughts of them and studying them and drawing them seemed to dominate my life. I have owned my own Arabian horses since 1979.

Though teaching English and journalism (while designing equine web sites on the side) was my profession for many years, in November 2006, an unsuccessful attempt to help a web site client schedule a "real" photographer plunged me headlong into the world of Arabian horse photography.  That was a genuine epiphany for me - I found that I LOVED capturing the dynamic, unique spirit and beauty of the Arabian horse - it has become my passion in life!  I knew VERY little about a camera in the beginning, and every day or week brings some new knowledge or technique for me, even today, but I have learned a lot, and I work very hard to capture the spirit and beauty of each individual horse.  For me, it is ALL about the horse in front of me.

As a result, my photos and ad designs have appeared in leading industry magazines around the world, with multiple cover shots on Arabian Horse WorldThe Arabian Magazine, and numerous other industry publications. Both Arabian Horse World and Tutto Arabi have published feature articles about my work.
                                                                                    ~ Nancy Pierce
W H O   I S   N A N C Y   P I E R C E ?
Photo of Nancy Pierce and artwork by Tina Poppa. Horse photos by Nancy Pierce.